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          Outlook of Department



          School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy

          engineering, medicine preparation, applied chemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering, chemical equation and chemical technology

          School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

          mechanical design, manufacture and automation, mechanical processing monitor, material modeling & monitoring engineering

          School of Material Science and engineering

          nonmetallic materials engineering of the inorganic, high polymer material and engineering, material physics, material shaping and controlling engineering

          School of Environment and Civil Engineering

          civil engineering, urban planning, mineral processing, environment engineering, disaster prevention & reduction Engineering, protection engineering

          College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

          automation, skills of testing and monitoring and apparatus, electronic information engineering, telecommunication engineering

          School of Economic management

          marketing, industrial and commercial administration, accounting, E-commerce, world economics and trade, Information systems and Information management, the management of public utilities.

          School of Law & Business


          School of computer science and engineering

          computer science and skills, network engineering

          School of Science

          photoelectron information science and techniques, engineering in heat energy and dynamics, information and computer science

          School of Foreign Languages


          School of Arts

          advertising, industrial designing, animation

          School of Adult Education

          International School

          Department of P.E.

          School of Telecommunication & Information Engineering


          Address:LiuFang Campus, No.206, Guanggu 1st road, Donghu New & High Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province ,P.R. China     Postcode: 430205
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